Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We were just accepted for bizspark

Today we got a couple of emails letting us know that Mayhem Sofware has been accepted into Microsoft Bizspark program which provides support to startups.

The introduction email says we get the following benefits.:

1. Get your free software
2. Profile your solutions
3. Market your stuff
4. Find funding
5. Find offers and connect with others
6. Build your team
7. Access Training and support

One thing we're going to find useful is 2 years / $60,000 worth of  Windows Azure hosting. 

Resource  Monthly Benefit 
Compute 1,500 hours of a Small Instance 
Storage  30 GB
Storage Transactions  2,000,000 
SQL Azure  5 GB 
Access Control Transactions*  500K 
Service Bus  3,000 hours 
Cache  128 MB cache 
Data transfers (WW)  35GB Out Free In  

 Having worked at two previous start-ups I know that companies need to carefully consider their product and hosting choices. Something we've been careful to avoid is what used to be called the slashdot effect.  This is a situation whereby a strartup's web product gets a sudden boost in exposure and their hosting package cannot match demand.  Therefore we've been avoiding making apps that rely heavily on third party hosting.  When choosing a leaderboard solution for our new game Snowball Ninja I did a fair bit of research and was luckily to find mogade which offers a free and seemingly scalable online leader board solution.

So with 2 years/$60,000 of Azure hosting expect to see some cloud based windows phone and windows 8 apps being developed by us in the near future.

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