Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snowball Ninja first day stats

Our new game Snowball Ninja was released yesterday and so far the response has been fairly positive.
Mogade stats:
According to our online scoreboard solution Mogade the game had over 500 plays yesterday. The real number was probably a fair bit higher as this does not take into account certain situations where the game is played offline or when the user chooses not to submit their score to the leaderboard.

AdDuplex stats: 
AdDuplex showed 1046 adduplex ad impressions were served for Snowball Ninja yesterday. Once again the actual number was probably higher as this does not take into account offline plays.

As the game was only available via deep link and was not showing up in the marketplace via searches or via the "new games" heading I am reasonably satisfied with these numbers. All of these plays would have occurred via links I posted on twitter, adverts on 1800 pocket pc and ad duplex ads. Today the game is now showing up under "new games" in the marketplace so hopefully that will help things a bit.

Check out the game here and leave us a review. More tomorrow.

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