Thursday, June 21, 2012

Advertising revenue heading in the right direction

Since my last, fairly despondent post about advertising revenue things have improved somewhat. Our impressions having been steadily growing and even our eCPM is at a more acceptable level.  Currently we're getting about 120,000 ad impressions per day which works out to aprox 3.72 million per month. Not a bad figure.

After more than a month of terrible eCPMs which were as low as 0.20 on some days, things have started to improve. Over the last week our average ecpm has fluctuated between 0.40 and 0.71.  This has resulted in a good week where daily revenue has been above $50 almost every day.  It peaked at $77 last Saturday which was promising.  So June has already been our most profitable month with revenue currently just below $900 and 10 days still remaining. (See screenshot below)

Advertising earnings for the last 4 weeks

Fb viewer is still bringing in the large proportion of this revenue however we've seen upward movement in the earnings brought in by many of our apps particularly Camera Flashlight, Timezone ConverterBeat My Drum and Xkcd Viewer

Our new game Snowball Ninja was released yesterday and so we're hoping that will start to build on this improvement in our advertising income.

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