Friday, June 22, 2012

Snowball Ninja 2nd Day in review

Our new game Snowball Ninja has now been in the marketplace for justover two days and the results are looking pretty good. 

Our online leaderboard service Mogade showed 626 Game loads and 152 Unique users yesterday.  These figures are up from 505 game loads and 133 unique users on day 1.

According to ad duplex we served 1290 exchange adverts yesteday which is a 25% increase from 1031 we served on day 1. 

Pub Center
According to pubcenter we served 964 paid adverts yesterday which was big increase from 170 we received on day 1.

Marketplace Rankings
So it seems everything is moving in the right direction and this is reflected by our current marketplace rankings for free games in the shooter category which are as follows:

Turkey - 27th
Finland - 46th
Australia - 50th
Germany - 54th
Ireland - 54th
Italy - 60th
Spain - 62nd
Great Britain - 67th
Canada - 67th
India - 67th
China - 73rd
Mexico - 80th
USA - 81st
France 84th
Japan - 93rd
(countries in bold are those for which we make noteworthy advertising revenue through pubcenter)

Check out Snowball Ninja by clicking here and let us know what you think by leaving us a review in the marketplace.

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