Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Trialling Nokia Ad Exchange (Inneractive)

Our latest app cricket updates hit the windows phone marketplace recently.  It basically combines cricket results and news into a series of lists encapsulated in a panaorama control. 

As with most of our other apps we have chosen to make cricket updates free and ad-supported.   However instead of using our usual ad network pubcenter, we decided to try out nokia ad exchange.  So far the results have been interesting. 

I't s still too early to tell as the app has only raised 731 ad requests, but the early indicators would suggest that we could expect fairly similar results to pub center.  (See screenshot below).

One thing I like is that nokia ad exchange provides a lot more analytics than pub center.  As you can see in the screenshot above the click thru rate has a huge impact on eCPM.  Fill rate is also useful, especially if we want to target different ad networks based on geographical location. 

So far the jury is still out on nokia ad exchange.  But given the initial results I believe it will most likely become part of our future strategy.  Particularly in markets where pubcenter's eCPM is almost non-existent.


  1. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for sharing as it's hard to find any numbers on NAX experiences.
    We are running 50% pubcenter 50% Nax.
    We get approximately the same revenu also.
    The strange thing is that we seems to get high ecpm and very low amount of requests...

    If we used to make 20 000 impression on pubcenter. Nax makes 2000 request and 1000 impression, with an ecpm getting us to the same amount of money earned. Do you think something is broken in our NAX implementation?

    We get ~2000 download a day and I'd expect much higher request rate (app started ~6000 times)

  2. That does seem strange. It is hard for me to compare as the app for which we are tralling NAX has never used pubcenter.

    One thing that I have noticed with NAX is that the ads are often unrepsonsive to clicks. Sometime a user has to click on an ad multiple times before they are redirected to the advertisers website. Other times clicking never has any effect. This never happens on the emulator but seems common on the LG Optimus which I test my apps with. As clicks seems to have a major affect on eCPM this is somewhat concerning.

    I on using an ad rotator control in all my apps so I can easily switch between networks and compare the results.

  3. Hi,
    I found that if append NAX in a page, the page will never be finalized.
    Can i fix it?

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