Wednesday, April 11, 2012

breakdown of advertising revenue leading to a change in direction

Since my previous post about why I'm getting such a low eCPM things have steadily improved.  Our total advertising revenue is now about $140 / week.  This has mostly been a result of an increasing number of impressions.  We'e now hitting about 25,000 / day for fb viewer.  The eCPM has been fluctuating a little but this week is closer 0.60 (for fb viewer) which is helping as well.  (See graphs below)

fb viewer revenue over past 4 weeks

fb viewer impressions over last 4 weeks

fb viewer eCPM over last 4 weeks

Unfortunately a large majority of our revenue is still coming from this one app.  We have 8 other free apps, 3 of which are making a pitiful couple of dollars / week. The others are performing even worse making no more 0.50 / week.

So the numbers really indicate that social media apps are our best chance of making some decent advertising revenue and therefore this is where we will start focusing our resources.  Stay tuned for news about our new app Social Mix which we hope to release over the next 2 months.


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